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The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee


Report of the Executive Committee
Dear Shareholders of Srivichai Vejvivat Public Company Limited,

    The Board of Directors of Srivichai Vejvivat Public Company Limited had appointed the Executive Committee to ensure that management and business operation of Srivichai Vejvivat Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries progress in the right direction and consistent with the current economic situations.

The lists of the Executive Committee as at December, 31 2019 as follows:
1. Asst. Prof. Saisunee Vanadurongwan, M.D.    Chairman of  the Executive Committee
2. Pongsak  Vathana, M.D.   Executive Committee 
3. Mongkon  Wanitphakdeedecha M.D.,M.Sc.  Executive Committee 
4. Vilawan  Vanadurongwan  Executive Committee 
5. Sakda  Tangchitwatanakorn, Ph.D.  Executive Committee 
6. Prof. Saranate Waikakul, M.D.  Executive Committee 
7. Sunee  Thirakaroonwongse, M.D.  Executive Committee 
8. Vatchara  Cheupraknam, M.D.   Executive Committee 
9. Prut Rojmahamongkol  Executive Committee 
10. Pacharapan Vanadurongwan  Executive Committee 
11. Komrit Kavinakarathiti      Executive Committee 
12. Teerawan Rattanapak, B.Sc., PG.Cert., Ph.D.   Executive Committee 
13. Phannee Kannee  Executive Committee 
14. Sunee  Joychumras  Executive Committee 
15. Kwanyuen Suksomphoj  Executive Committee 
16. Kochabhorn Kerdrak  Executive Committee
17. Rachada Fongtanakit Ph.D.  Member of  the Executive Committee /   Secretary

     Throughout 2019, the Executive Committee had completely performed its role based on the authority, duty, and responsibility set forth in the management framework by arranging altogether 17 meetings, which the key points of the meetings can be summarized as follows.    

    1. Plan and set policy, direction, strategy, work plans and organizational structure and management structure of the business operation of the Company and subsidiaries
        in accordance to economic conditions and competition in the market to present to the Board of Directors for approval.
    2. Plan and prepare business plans, annual budgets and the authority in management in various job divisions of the Company and subsidiaries to propose to the Board
        of Directors for consideration and approval and also to consider and approve the annual budget and budget change and addition to annual expense budget. If there is
        an urgent necessity, proceed to present to the Board of Directors for further acknowledgement.
    3. Audit and operate according to the policies and guidelines for the management of the Company and subsidiaries that has been defined to be effective and conducive
        for business environment.
    4. Monitor the operations of the Company and subsidiaries that has been defined to proceed according to the approved business plan.
    5. Consider large investment projects of the Company and subsidiaries in order to provide recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval.The Executive
        Committee carried out its duties, assigned by the Board of Directors, by utilizing knowledge and abilities to carry out its duties carefully, prudently, and reasonably
        in order to develop the business at full capacity and the maximum benefit for the Company, shareholders, and all stakeholders in order to build confidence in
        the  performance and regulation of the organization’s management to be efficient and further sustainable.

                                                                                                                                                         (Asst. Prof. Saisunee Vanadurongwan,M.D.)
                                                                                                                                                               Chairman of  the Executive Committee
                                                                                                                                                             Srivichai Vejvivat Public Company Limited